Best Men’s Vegan Hiking Boots

If you’ve had a hard time in the past finding vegan versions of products or gear you know how frustrating it can be. However, if you are looking for vegan hiking boots you’re in luck! There are some great vegan hiking boot options available to you from some great hiking and outdoor companies like La Sportiva, Lowa and Arc’teryx. We’ve compiled seven of the best ones currently on the market here.

Before we get into the reviews, I’d like to introduce you to my lovely wife Jen.

Due to our most recent hiking excursion, I’m willing to bet money she knows more about hiking in northern Georgia than people who were born and raised there. You see, Jen is a researcher. Whether it’s places to eat while we’re on vacation or buying, well, anything really – Jen is going to try to learn everything possible about the subject.

Between the two of us, we spent the better part of four days researching and pouring through reviews on vegan hiking boots. So, yes, you can go ahead and do the same thing we did or you can just read this one article here.

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So now let’s get into, in no particular order, our recommendations for the Best Men’s Vegan Hiking Boots. If you read beyond our recommendations we go into more detail regarding some of the boot features such as the difference between a day hiking boot and backpacking boot, what’s GTX stand for, etc. Enjoy!

Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX

Quick Facts:

Pros: The Adidas Terrex is a super lightweight, mid cut boot that is perfect for day hiking and for anyone who considers themselves a casual hiker. Adidas has seemed to have found the perfect balance of comfort with it’s Adiprene technology and grip along with being waterproof which is much easier said than done.

As a bit of icing on the cake, whereas hiking boots aren’t necessarily known for their aesthetic qualities, this Adidas boot has a really good look to them. I’m particularly fond of the all black style.

Cons: Finding reviews that speak negatively about the Adidas Terrex are few and far between, but a few of the things that we noticed is the shoe may not fit great for someone with a wide foot and they may run a bit large. The other is that some reviewers have questioned the durability of the shoe, in particular the stitching on the toe area of the boot.

La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX

Quick Facts:

Pros: While the first boots on our list are recommended for the casual hiker, the Sportiva Trango’s are designed for a more serious hiking experience. The Trango is a backpacking boot designed to hold up against rugged multi-day hikes. The high cut boot provides amazing ankle support and the boot has incredible grip for even the most challenging terrain.

What makes the Trango really seem to stand out is that for a heavy duty high cut boot, they’re also lightweight, comfortable and breathable. They especially get praise for being comfortable straight out of the box. Often times, boots tend to focus on either ruggedness or comfortability, but the Trango seems to perform well in both.

Cons: Now for the downsides although there is not many. We saw reviews where users were not overly impressed with the boot’s waterproof qualities. Some were also looking for even more durability than what the Trango offered, so while the Trango does a great job of balancing comfort and durability like we mentioned above, if you’re looking for max durability it may not be the boot for you.

Lowa Irox GTX Mid

Quick Facts

  • Best Used For: Backpacking
  • Cut: Mid
  • Weight: 21.1oz
  • Width: Normal
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • Check the latest price for the Lowa Irox GTX Mid at

Pros: The Lowa Irox are like high quality made tanks for your feet. They get a ton of praise for how well they protect your feet from the trail and how fantastically constructed they are. The Irox also really excels with it’s waterproof lining (like virtually all our vegan boots, thanks to synthetic uppers and a Gore-Tex lining) combined with it’s how breathable they are.

The ankle support, especially for a mid cut boot, is great and the Irox provides great stability. Finally, the tread is super grippy.

Cons: Takes awhile for them to break-in. Cushioning from the stock insole seems to be lacking and overall comfort is not the Irox’s strongest quality. While we actually saw reviews that touted how lightweight these boots are, they’re actually the heaviest boot on our list.

Astral TR1 Merge

Quick Facts

Pros: Can you say lightweight? The Astral TR1 Merge weighs in at less than a pound, way less actually. This easily makes them the most lightweight shoe on our list. It has also received enormous amounts of praise for it’s comfort and grip. The ability of the Merge to dry quickly makes it a great multi-day backpacking boot.

You shouldn’t need to worry about putting on a wet boot first thing in the morning. Because of Merge’s quick drying ability, these boots are also great for anyone that is going to be in or around water kayaking, canoeing, etc.

Astral is one of the most environmentally-friendly companies out there. If you’d like to learn more about Astral and founder Philip Curry, visit their homepage here. If you’re looking to make a purchase that is as eco-friendly as possible, then the Astral boot is a great choice.

Finally, while style is a subjective quality, it’s hard not to like the look of the Astral TR1.

Cons: So here’s the crazy thing. For someone that is going to be outdoors hiking and being around water, we literally couldn’t find anyone, anywhere who had a negative thing to say about the Astral Merge. Seriously, we searched for an hour and a half and came up with basically nothing.

La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTX

Quick Facts

Pros: La Sportiva Synthesis is an amazing lightweight and comfortable day hiking shoe. They’re really about as close as you can get to a trail running shoe in a hiking boot. The only shoe lighter on our list is the Astral Merge and it’s really more of a minimalist boot.

The Synthesis has a nice balance of being breathable while still being waterproof. We often talk of grip when ascending, but the Synthesis has Vibram Nano sole and a built-in braking system to give you great traction as well as great stability while descending. The midsole and upper are unified which helps provide extra ankle support and stability.

Cons: If you’re looking for a big, heavy duty boot, this isn’t it. However, if you want a great day hiking boot that you can chew up miles on the trail, then the Synthesis is a great fit.

Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid

Quick Facts

  • Best Used For: Speed Hiking
  • Cut: Mid
  • Weight: 15.9oz
  • Width: Normal
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • Check the latest price for the Lowa Innox Pro at

Pros: The Lowa Innox is the perfect combination of lightweight and ruggedness. That makes this boot our top choice for anyone who enjoys to speed hike. It’s a super light boot that still provides great support. The Innox has slightly smaller lugs than more heavy duty boots, but still provides great traction.

Cons: It does lack a bit in toe and foot protection (it has no rubber on the toes and sides), but if you’re planning on being on established and maintained trails then you shouldn’t really run into any issues. You also may “feel” rockier terrain underfoot more than you would in some of the Backpacking boots.

Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX

Quick Facts

Pros: The Bora Mid is an excellent lightweight and comfortable boot. The secret to it’s comfort is an internal lining that stretches around the foot so the boot forms to you instead of vice versa. One of the strong points of this boot is it’s ability to stay waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex lining even in the most wet conditions.

The Arc’teryx boot is perhaps one of the most durable of any of the boots on the list. Add to this a Vibram outsole that provides a great grip and stability. Lastly, the

Cons: Ironically while the Bora Mid does a great job at keeping water out, it doesn’t do a great job at drying. Also, unless you can catch a deal on it, it’s one of the pricier boots on the list.

*Prices listed are as of the writing of this article and are subject to change

Other Vegan Hiking Boots:

I wanted to mention a few other vegan hiking boots that come from different vegan companies. I’ve not seen enough independent reviews or tried them out personally to give them a recommendation, but I did want to give them a mention. Feel free to take a look at any of the following shoes and make your own judgement.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots – These boots come from the very eco-conscious and very vegan Will’s Vegan Store. They are one of the only vegan boots we found that do not use a Gore-Tex liner.

Eco Vegan All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker – These boots come from Eco Vegan Shoes. As the name would suggest, they are another very eco-friendly and very vegan company.

Veggie Trekker MK5 – The last vegan hiking boot that we want to mention is the veggie trekker mk5 made by Vegetarian Shoes. Vegetarian Shoes makes boots, shoes, clothes and accessories.

Things to know about Vegan Hiking Boots

What’s the difference between Day Hiking, Backpacking and Speed Hiking?

For each boot we specify what they are ‘best used for’. So, what’s the difference?

A Day Hiking boot is one that hangs it’s hat on being light and comfortable. It’s a boot that you can throw on, go out hiking for a few hours and have your feet feeling great.

A Backpacking boot is designed to be super durable, rugged and stable to be take on multiple days on the trail. If you need a boot that is going to stand up days on the trail, be able to dry fast between days and handle the extra weight from the gear you’ll be carrying then you need a boot designed for backpacking.

A Speed Hiking boot falls somewhere in between. They’re stable and grippy, but stay as lightweight as possible.

What does GTX mean?

GTX stands for Gore-Tex. Gore Tex is used in some hiking boots within the lining to provide waterproofing. While you find Gore-Tex in all hiking boots, because Gore-Tex is a cruelty-free  material, you’ll notice that all the vegan hiking boots on this page include GTX.

If you’d like even more info, check out our article on How to Know What Hiking Boots you should get.

We really hoped you enjoyed our picks for the Best Vegan Hiking Boots of 2020 and hopefully it’s helped you make a decision on what boots are the best choice for you! If you feel we missed a great boot or if you’d like to give us feedback on one of the boots above, let us know!

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