Hiking With a Jack Russell Terrier (Best Tips)

Hiking with a Jack Russell

Hiking is a stimulating and challenging hobby as well as a great way to get exercise and much-needed fresh air. Hiking with your Jack Russell Terrier only adds to the fun while providing an energized and determined hiking partner that will motivate you to reach higher climbs and longer trails.

In this article I’m going to go over what you need to know before you hit the trail with your Jack Russell Terrier.

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Do Jack Russell’s Like to Hike?

Your Jack will almost always be agreeable to a hike with you, guaranteed to be excited and ready to explore the outdoors, and won’t fall behind due to their high amount of energy. Because of this breed’s dominant, high-energy attribute, you can explore longer hikes with less need for breaks or slowing down.

Along with that, they’re generally fearless; perfect for trekking through high grass or climbing up rocks to reach scenic heights that other breeds might be too fearful to endure.

Best Weather For Hiking with a Jack Russell

Jack Russell Laying on a Trail

Also, due to this breed’s typical short hair and long snout, they’ll be able to hike on particularly hot summer days without overheating or having breathing difficulties.

Depending on the length of your dog’s fur, you might be able to hike with your Jack during the fall and early winter months, however, if you’re wearing a coat, it’s best to bring a sweater for your dog as well.

However, temperatures below freezing are too cold for this breed to hike in. Even with particularly long-haired Jack Russells, this breed typically doesn’t do well in below-freezing temperatures for more than about thirty minutes.

Jack Russells Are High Energy

While the energetic behavior of a Jack can be fantastic for exploring longer, more difficult hikes; their fearless nature mixed with their high amount of energy can make for an erratic hike with your dog leading you, rather than the other way around.

Jack Russells are also bred for hunting foxes and other small animals, consequently, your hiking partner might be more focused on sniffing for past animals and listening for other nearby critters. Taking your dog for a short walk beforehand will allow your pet to be more focused and obedient on your hike.

Before deciding to take your Jack Russell on a hike, you’ll want to make sure your dog has a small amount of training to make for a safe and successful hike. You’ll also want to note beforehand how your dog behaves around other animals such as other dogs, squirrels, or other small (or possibly big) animals you might meet on your hike.

It’s also guaranteed that your pet will be met with an assortment of different smells, especially other animals that might have been nearby. You’ll want to make sure your dog isn’t distracted by chasing after the scents of woodland critters and focused on the hike at hand.

Know Your Dog’s Personality

Jack Russell Smiling At the Camera

Jack Russells are typically friendly with other dogs especially if they’ve been acquainted with other pups from a young age, however, each dog is exceptionally different in temperance.

Beyond that, most Jacks are typically very vocal dogs, if a peaceful and quiet walk is what you’re after, you might want to make note of how your dog typically behaves.

Does your Jack usually bark at other dogs on walks? Are they typically darting after squirrels in the backyard?

It’s a good idea to consider these things to make for a non-stressful hike with only the sound of rustling trees and birds chirping- rather than your pups barking.

What To Bring On Your Hike

Once you’re ready to embark on your hike, you’ll want to bring some water for your furry friend as well as some treats.

It’s also a good idea to bring a harness rather than the collar to prevent any pulling or chances of your Jack somehow squirming out of the collar.

Lastly, it’s important to check your Jack Russell for ticks, fleas, or any other insects that may have latched on after your hike. Due to their typically light-colored fur, it should be fairly easy to see any black bugs on your pup and a flea/tick collar never hurts as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jack Russells make for lively, encouraging, hiking companions. Their adventurous nature is sure to motivate you to venture on longer hikes and even explore off-trail views with you. You can also be sure that this enthusiastic breed will always be delighted to trek alongside you for hours on end.

With only a little training and preparation beforehand, you can ensure a great hiking trip with your furry pal.

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